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Meet our Coaches:

Konstantin Petrov

Director of Aquatics Head Swim Coach

Coach to National Prize Winners and Olympic Trials Qualifiers
Olympic Bronze Medalist, USSR Swim Team Member (1981-1992)
European Record Holder, Gold and Bronze Medal in European Championships, and World Cup
World Class Coach, over 25 years of Coaching Experience, ASCA Level 4

Director of Aquatics Head Swim Coach

Valeriya Curinnaia

Director of Learn to Swim Program

MatchPoint NYC Aquatics Learn to Swim Program Director (Senior Coach)
* Professional Swimmer (full scholarship recepient NCAA Division 2)
* USA Swimming Coach/ Water Safety Instructor (Since 2007)/ ASCA Level 3
* Water Safety Instructor Trainer/ Lifeguard Instructor/ Certified Pool Operator
* Experienced and Motivational Coach for All levels and Age Groups

Director of Learn to Swim Program

Ann Salnikova

MatchPoint Aquatics Swim Team Coach.
Georgian Paralympic Swim Team Head Coach 2016-2017 .
Olympian Swimmer (2008 Beijing).
USA Swimming Coach/ Water Safety Instructor / ASCA Level 2.
Experienced and Motivational Coach for All Levels and Age Groups.

Valeri Kopot

USA Swimming Coach/ Senior Level Swimming Instructor
MatchPoint NYC Aquatics Member Since 2015
ASCA Level 2, Water Safety Instructor
Master of Sport of USSR, Prize Winner of “Center Start” of Ukraine
“Determined to teach kids proper swimming technique, and prepare them for strong and healthy lives.”

Vladimir Curinnoi

Senior Level Swimming Instructor
Swimming Instructor since 2010
Professional Swimmer, Water Safety Instructor, ASCA Level 2
Detail oriented, expertise in stroke development from novice to professional level. Motivational, psychological teaching approach, adjusted on individualized level
Engraves love for water in children and creates a fun learning environment

Gau Suleimenova

Learn to Swim Advanced Coach
MatchPoint NYC Aquatics Member Since 2023
ASCA Level 2, Water Safety Instructor
Master of Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Water Polo); Former member of the Kazakhstan National Women’s Water Polo Team; Ten-time medalist of Kazakhstan National Water Polo Championship; Gold medalist of the International Water Polo Championship, Greece 2010
“I strive that all my students to feel happy, comfortable, and safe in the water and learn to appreciate their abilities!”

Parent and Child Program

The Parent and Child Aquatics course helps young children between the ages of 6 months and approximately 3 years become comfortable in and around the water so that when the time comes, they are ready to learn how to swim. In addition, parents learn about water safety and how to safely handle their child in and around the water.

The Parent and Child Aquatics Program provides the foundation for future aquatic skills. They are not designed to teach children to become good swimmers or even to survive in the water on their own.


The Preschool Aquatics course is designed for children between 3 and 5 years old. The Preschool Aquatics course consists of fundamental water safety and aquatic skills. Mastering the skills taught in Preschool Aquatics allows participants to move seamlessly into Learn-to-Swim courses. Participants transitioning from Preschool Aquatics into Learn-to-Swim may enter Learn-to-Swim Level 2 or Level 3, depending on their skill level at the time.


The Learn-to-Swim program is structured in a logical progression for aquatic skill development. As participants progress through the levels in the program, they build on existing skills and develop new ones, becoming safer and better swimmers. At Learn-to-Swim level 3 participants possess the minimal skills needed for water competency in a pool environment. Continuing through the full Learn-to-Swim program helps participants become better, stronger and more competent swimmers in different aquatic environments and under different environmental conditions.


Elite League course is tailored for advanced swimmers looking to take their skills to the next level, whether it’s for fitness, competitive swimming, or aquatic exercise. It provides the necessary training and expertise to achieve excellence in the water while emphasizing safety and proper technique.


Competitive swim teams offer a structured and rigorous training environment for swimmers who are dedicated to improving their skills and participating in competitive swimming events. MatchPoint NYC Aquatics offers 3 competitive teams:

  • Junior Swim Team
  • Sharks Swim Team
  • Senior Swim Team

Private Lessons

Private swimming lessons offer a safe and effective way to learn to swim, build water confidence, and enhance your swimming skills. With certified instructors, a strong focus on safety, and tailored instruction, you can progress at your own pace and work towards your swimming goals.


Adult Swim courses are designed to meet a variety of needs that older teen and adult learners may have. 

The following courses are available: 

SwimReady for Adults —this course provides older teens and adults with the knowledge and skills required to enjoy the water safely, learn to swim proficiently, and potentially pursue various aquatic activities. It accommodates individuals with varying levels of experience, making it an inclusive and valuable resource for those looking to enhance their aquatic abilities.

Masters SwimLab: Triathlete Edition—is a course that empowers proficient swimmers, including Master Swimmers and Triathletes, to refine their skills, enhance their swimming performance, and prepare for fitness programs or competitive events, with a particular emphasis on the unique challenges of triathlons.

Belly to Baby Aqua Aerobics—is a specialized aquatic fitness course designed for pregnant women, focusing on their prenatal and postnatal health and well-being.


Embark on a journey to become a certified lifeguard and water safety instructor through MatchPoint NYC’s American Red Cross program. Enjoy the convenience of our state-of-the-art facility, benefit from the expertise of our exceptional coaching staff, and open doors to potential employment prospects, all while enhancing your skills and knowledge in aquatic safety.