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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Isadora by MatchPoint NYC

MatchPoint NYC is excited to announce our partnership with Isadora, a legendary Rhythmic Gymnastics school. Isadora at MatchPoint NYC will train rhythmic gymnasts from beginner all the way to Professional. Olympian level. Over the years Isadora raised multiple US National Team Members, World Champions, and Olympians.

  • Rebecca Sereda
  • Serena Lu
  • Elizabeth Kapitonova
  • Ronit Shamuilov
  • Ekaterina Kapitonova
  • Cindy Lu
  • Shayna Javornicky
  • Tracy Agyeman
  • Olga Pavlenko
  • Yasmeen Sidhu
  • Heather Chan
  • Gabrielle Magid

Names of USA Group

  • Kristen Shaldybin
  • Sophia Roytburg
  • Alisa Kano
  • Jessica Bogdanov


Nataliya Kiriyenko

  • Over 35 years of coaching experience
  • USA National coach of the year in 2009
  • USA National coach of the year in 2012
  • Coach of 6 times USA National Champion, All-Around World Championship finalist, represented America in 2 World Championship (Rebecca Sereda)
  • Coach of a 2 time USA representative in World Championships, All around finalist in the University games (Serena Lu)
  • Coach of a Gold medalist at the Pan American Championship, Gold medalist at the Four Continent Games, Represented the United States in the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018 (Elizabeth Kapitonova)

Competitive Team

MatchPoint NYC is proud of our accomplished Competitive Team representing our club in the National and International competition. Each student’s individual skill level will be assessed so the child can be placed on the appropriate team.If you have not participated in our program but would like to try out for a competitive team, please call to schedule a free evaluation.

LEVELS 4-6 (Beginner and Intermediate Groups Difficulty and Execution)

The Base of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

The focus of levels 3-6 in rhythmic gymnastics is the basic technique—first with the body and then with the equipment. A gymnast can only successfully approach levels 7-8 with a solid technical foundation.

LEVELS 7-8 A Progression (Advanced Groups)

The focus of levels 7-8 is gradual preparation with calculated progressions towards the Elite level. Level 7-8 is a developmental version of the FIG program.

FIG – International Gymnastics Program

Differences between the FIG rules and those in Level 7 and/or Level 8 were adjusted to preserve the health of the body according to the age and development level of the gymnast and to support the emphasis on proper body and apparatus technique.

Summer Full-Day Program