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Rhythmic Gymnastics

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Rhythmic Gymnastics
Fitness & Training
Rhythmic Gymnastics
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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Mommy & Me

We often put the demands of our children before our own. What if you can take care of both at the same time! At MatchPoint NYC’s Mommy & Me class you can play, socialize, and exercise with your child all under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Class Benefits:

  • Mother-child bonding
  • Create a sense of security for your toddler
  • Form a positive image and lead by example
  • Help reform and develop cognitive and social motor skills
  • Discipline and self-control development
  • Help your child develop reasoning skills
  • Meet new like-minded people and make new friends
  • Exercise always puts everyone in a better mood
  • Develop a new routine

Numerous physical activities are encouraged for our happy toddlers including:


Boys and Girls ages 1-2 are welcome!

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Pre-Team Program

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful, predominantly female Olympic sport that involves a combination of ballet, body movement, and apparatus handling. There are five apparatus: Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs, and Ribbon. One must master all five to be successful.


Flexibility, endurance, agility, self-discipline, courage, ballet, rhythm, harmony, elegance, artistry, coordination and athleticism


Lucy Kerznerman, Rhythmic Gymnastics Director (Master of Sport USSR, World Class Coach, National Team Coach, International RG Judge) and her team of highly skilled and certified coaches are committed to offering an exceptional experience for student gymnasts.


Pivots, balances, jumps/leaps, dance steps, body waves, pre-acrobatics elements.


Passing (open, folded, double), skipping “Echappe” (release of the rope), spirals rotations (folded, open, around the body, mills), wrapping/unwrapping, tosses/catches


Passing, rolls (body or floor), rotations (hand or part of the body), rotation around its axis (floor or body), tosses/catches


Roll over body segment(s), roll on the floor, figure eight (large circle with circumduction), bounces, rebounds (floor or body), swings, “flip-overs”, tosses/catches


Mills, small circles, asymmetric movements, tosses/catches, small tosses, topping, swings, free rotations, rolls (body or floor)


Spirals, snakes, rotation, passing “Enchappe”, boomerang, swing, and juggling.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Xcel

Rhythmic Xcel is designed to provide a competitive outlet for gymnasts just beginning in the sport. Xcel is for gymnasts who want to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, gymnasts who desire to compete without the extensive time and financial commitments generally associated with the sport, and anyone who wants the opportunity to participate in a safe, fun sport that builds self-esteem and physical fitness. The Mission of Xcel is to provide a program for athletes seeking a recreational or developmentally educational competitive experience.

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Competitive Team

MatchPoint NYC is proud of our accomplished Competitive Team representing our club in the National and International competition. Each student’s individual skill level will be assessed so the child can be placed on the appropriate team.If you have not participated in our program but would like to try out for a competitive team, please call to schedule a free evaluation.

LEVELS 3-6 (Beginner and Intermediate Groups Difficulty and Execution)

The Base of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

The focus of levels 3-6 in rhythmic gymnastics is the basic technique—first with the body and then with the equipment. A gymnast can only successfully approach levels 7-8 with a solid technical foundation.

LEVELS 7-8 A Progression (Advanced Groups)

The focus of levels 7-8 is gradual preparation with calculated progressions towards the Elite level. Level 7-8 is a developmental version of the FIG program.

FIG – International Gymnastics Program

Differences between the FIG rules and those in Level 7 and/or Level 8 were adjusted to preserve the health of the body according to the age and development level of the gymnast and to support the emphasis on proper body and apparatus technique.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Summer Full-day Program

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