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Elite League

Meet our Coaches:

Ann Salnikova

MatchPoint Aquatics Swim Team Coach.
Georgian Paralympic Swim Team Head Coach 2016-2017 .
Olympian Swimmer (2008 Beijing).
USA Swimming Coach/ Water Safety Instructor / ASCA Level 2.
Experienced and Motivational Coach for All Levels and Age Groups.

Valeri Kopot

USA Swimming Coach/ Senior Level Swimming Instructor
MatchPoint NYC Aquatics Member Since 2015
ASCA Level 2, Water Safety Instructor
Master of Sport of USSR, Prize Winner of “Center Start” of Ukraine
“Determined to teach kids proper swimming technique, and prepare them for strong and healthy lives.”

Karen Ghukhasyan

USA Swimming Coach/ Senior Level Swimming Instructor/ Water Polo Coach
MatchPoint NYC Aquatics Member Since 2018
Degree in Physical Education from Yerevan State University (1992), ASCA Level 2, Water Safety Instructor
Coaching since 1995, including roles as Armenian National Swim Team Head Coach and Water Polo Coach
Coached 6 National level Swimmers, Armenian Record Holder, and Olympian (Brazil 2016)

John DaPrato

MatchPoint NYC Advanced Coach
MatchPoint NYC Aquatics Member Since 2023
ASCA Level 2, Water Safety Instructor, M.A. in Communications from NYU
One-way crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar (10 miles), 2013
Boston Light Swim (8 miles), 2010
Great Salt Lake Swim (8 miles), 2011
Manhattan Island Swim & Boston Light Swim Relay Team Captain
Specializing in Adult Learning, Stroke Improvement, Triathlon Training & Marathon Swimming

The “Elite League” is an advanced swimming course designed for proficient swimmers who aim to enhance their swimming strokes and skills. Here’s a detailed description of the course:

  1. Target Audience: This course is intended for swimmers who already possess a high level of swimming proficiency. Participants should have a solid foundation in various swimming strokes and techniques.
  2. Refining Strokes: The primary goal of the Elite League is to help swimmers refine their existing swimming strokes. This includes freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. The emphasis is on improving stroke mechanics, efficiency, and overall performance.
  3. Fitness and Competition Focus: The course is structured for individuals who aspire to participate in fitness swimming programs or competitive swimming events. It equips participants with the necessary skills and techniques to excel in these settings.
  1. Endurance and Continuous Swimming: Participants are expected to build endurance and the ability to swim continuously. This is a crucial aspect of fitness swimming and competitive events, where swimmers cover longer distances without interruption.
  2. Turns and Transitions: The course covers the appropriate turns and transitions for each swimming stroke. Swimmers learn how to execute flip turns, open turns, and streamline techniques effectively, optimizing their performance in the water.
  3. Water Safety: Safety is of paramount importance. The course ensures that participants have a solid understanding of safety measures in and around the water. This knowledge is essential for both competitive swimmers and those incorporating aquatic exercise into their fitness routine.
  4. Efficiency and Effectiveness: Swimmers are expected to demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness in all swimming strokes. This involves minimizing resistance, maximizing propulsion, and maintaining proper body alignment in the water.