Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. A major reason for its popularity is the health benefits the sport offers. The great thing is that the health benefits are for people of all ages. If you want your family to take up an activity that boosts your health, tennis is a perfect choice. Here is an overview of the top health benefits of tennis for the entire family:

  • Tennis provides a workout for the entire body. When you make a shot, you work your arms, upper back, and shoulders, while all the running around is great for your legs and lower torso.
  • Tennis is a great aerobic activity. While playing, your body intakes more oxygen and your heart rate increases, which is great for your anaerobic and aerobic health. You can boost your blood flow throughout the body by playing tennis.
  • Tennis can help you lose weight. You can burn calories and fat, up to 600 calories an hour. The best part is that it won’t feel like hard work. You will have a lot of fun playing the sport.
  • Tennis is great for your bone health. You can enhance bone mass and also reduce the risk of bone loss with age, which is particularly true for people over 30 years of age. You can maintain adequate bone density by continuing to play tennis.
  • Tennis is a great sport for your heart. The exertion and effort you invest when playing tennis will help boost your heart health, as you are burning fat, while your heart rate is high.
  • Tennis is a great means of improving range of motion and balance. When you engage your entire body in the sport, your coordination and flexibility will improve. This benefit is great for both kids and adults.
  • Tennis has proven for enhancing brain power. This reason is why we recommend that kids should take up tennis at a young age, as the sport will enhance their academic performance.
  • Tennis will help improve your mood as well. The activity will boost the production of serotonin, the happy hormone, which means you feel great after the session.
  • Tennis is the perfect sport to take up if you want to instill discipline in your kids. The training and preparation as well as the skills that tennis requires means your kids will learn to get organized and disciplined.

As you can see, there are a great many health benefits of tennis for the entire family. Why not get a subscription to a club that allows you and your kids to enjoy a game of tennis on a regular basis and provides the training you require!