Congratulations to the MatchPoint NYC swim team!

February 18, 2016

Dear MatchPoint NYC Parents and Swimmers!
Our swim team had a great performance during the last Zone Team Qualifier swim meet at Lehman college! Congratulations to all our swimmers on their time improvement.
These 6 swimmers will go on to represent the Metropolitan Swim Team at the Eastern Zone Championships in Rochester scheduled for the end of March: Nick Radkov, John DiMaggio, Konstantin Lomeyko, Maria Burtseva, Gabriel Mohlenbrok and Gi Gi (Lok Chi Hon)


Accomplishments in detail:
Nick Radkov (group 11-12y), -100 Free-1 place/ 200 Back-1 place/ 200 IM- 1 place/ 100 Back-1 place/ 50 Back-1 place/ 500 Free-1 place/ 200 Free-1 place/ 100IM-2 place/ 50 Free-2 place.
John DiMaggio (group 10y. under): 50 Fly-1 place/ 50 Back-2 place/ 100 Back-2 place/ 100 Fly-2 place/ 100 Free-2 place/50 Free-3 place.
Konstantin Lomeyko (group15-18y): 200 Fly-1 place/ 500 Free-2 place/ 200 IM -2 place/ 400 IM -2 place./200 Free-3 place.
Maria Burtseva (group 13-14y.):100 Back-1 place/ 200 Back-2 place
Lok Chi Hon (group 15-18y.)200 Fly-1 place.
Gabriel Mohlenbrok (group 15-18y.) 100 Fly-2 place./ 200 Fly-3 place.
Omar Hafez (group 15-18y) 50 Free-3 place.
If you are interested in the MatchPoint NYC swim program please visit our website or call 718 769-0001.
Congratulations to the MatchPoint NYC swim team!