Please read thoroughly and contact the Program Director for any questions you may have.



In the event a camper is hurt in any way, the parent/guardian will be notified immediately for serious or potentially serious cases, and we may call for outside medical attention if necessary. A telephone number where parents can be reached during the day is required to be on file. An emergency number of an alternative person who can be reached if a parent is unavailable is also necessary. If a child is injured during daily activities, the staff will administer first aid if it is a minor injury.

Parents will be notified at the end of the day for non-serious injuries/incidents (anything out of the ordinary or if the student is not acting like him/herself). In all cases a written report will be made if needed.


In order to provide a safe, positive environment for all students and staff, we have the following behavior guidelines:

  Students should take responsibility for their actions

  Students should respect themselves, each other, staff and the environment

  Honesty will be the basis for all relationships and interactions

  Students should be caring in their relationships with others


We use techniques such as suitable program planning, positive verbal communication, and the setting of an appropriate emotional tone in each group. These techniques will foster positive self-esteem and encourage the eventual internalization of self-control.

The following progressive disciplinary procedures will be employed in this order:

1.  Staff will redirect the student to more appropriate behavior

2.  If inappropriate behavior continues, the student will be reminded of behavior guidelines and program rules. The student will be asked to decide on action steps to correct his/her behavior.

3.  Staff will document the situation and inappropriate behavior. Parents will be notified.

4.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, a conference with the parents/guardians and a plan of action will be discussed.

5.  If the situation is not resolved and the behavior continues, as a final action step, the student will be either suspended or expelled from the program.


1.  Refusing to follow the behavior guidelines or program rules

2.  Using profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity

3.  Stealing or damaging property

4.  Disrupting the program

5.  Leaving the program without permission

6.  Endangering the health and safety of students and/or staff

*Physical violence towards another student or staff member will result in immediate dismissal from the program.

MatchPoint NYC reserves the right to dismiss a child from the summer program. The disciplinary steps are subject to change based on the severity of the action(s) or incident(s).


Upon arrival, or at the earliest convenient time, there should be a discussion with the program counselor regarding anything out of the ordinary your child may be experiencing. The program counselor should be informed if your child is receiving any medication or treatment. You may be contacted if your child appears ill to be taken home.

Parents are required to notify the Matchpoint Program Director if their child will not be in attendance on a scheduled day. If your child becomes ill while at the program, we will contact you by telephone. Parents should have an alternate plan of action for child care to cover these situations.


All medication, including ointment, sunscreen, bug spray, aspirins, dietary supplements, or individual special medical procedures, will be administered to the child only with prior written permission from the parent. All medication must be in the original container. Medicine will be given only in accordance with those written instructions. All medications must be turned in to the Program Director.


Whether a parent is concerned about the care a child receives or a staff member has concerns about the needs of a particular child or a child indicates through behavior that he or she has needs that are not being met, parents or staff have the right to request a parent/program director meeting.


The program is held rain or shine. On extremely hot days, students are consistently encouraged to drink water. Some of our activities are held outside in our outdoor field within our facility; if the weather does not allow us to do so, activities will be held inside!

Dismissal Policy:

Students will be released to parents or legal guardian(s) listed on the emergency contact agreement. If you plan to have someone else pick up your child from the program, it is necessary to indicate your permission to the program director directly. This is done for the protection of all concerned, especially for the students.

Swim Program: 3.45pm-4pm @ swimming pool entrance

Multi-Sport Program: 4:15pm-4.30pm @ tennis court #1

Rhythmic Gymnastics Pre-team/team Program: 3.45pm-4pm @ gymnastics studio

Tennis Program: 4:15pm-4.30pm @ court #2

What to Bring:

Snacks and Lunch are provided by our MatchPoint NYC cafe. If you would like to provide your child with snacks and lunch, you may do so but either way we do provide both!

Each child should have a water bottle, and we provide water as well. It does get very hot in the summer and we want every student to stay hydrated.

*We ask parents to be mindful of nut allergies, therefore if you provide snacks or lunch that include nuts, please make sure you are aware that if children decide to share snacks with one another, we recommend not providing foods including nuts.*

Students are responsible for their own personal belongings. Toys, electronic devices, cell phones, games, cards, ipods, headphones are the responsibility of the child. If these items are brought into the program by the child, MPNYC program staff is NOT responsible for any personal items that are lost or damaged. Children will not be permitted to play with any personal items that are not the property of the program. If children are asked to put their cellphones away, they must do so.

IMPORTANT: For each program, we strongly advise that the child has spare clothing with him/her everyday and a cap/hat if desired (for outdoor field activities). Closed toe shoes for all activities (besides swimming, highly recommend a pair of crocs/flip flops).

Multi-Sport Program:

Water, Sunscreen, Swimwear, Towel, Sneakers, Tennis Racquet (Highly recommend)

Tennis Program:

Water, Sunscreen, Towel, Sneakers, Tennis Racquet

Swimming Program:

Water, Sunscreen, Swimwear (2 sets), Two Towels, Sneakers, Tennis Racquet (Optional for days they have Tennis) — see schedule

Rhythmic Gymnastics Program:

Proper Gymnastics Attire , Water , Sunscreen, Swimwear (For days they have swimming) — see schedule , Towel , Sneakers

Things to Note:

Swim Program:

Parents please provide your children with 2 sets of bathing suits and towel. Students will be swimming twice a day, and having 2 sets of bathing suits will be most convenient for them.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Program:

Though the program’s main focus is the strength of your girl’s gymnastics skills, please bring sneakers for your girls, as there will be days that they will be doing other sports.

Multi-Sport Program:

As students will be playing tennis everyday, we will provide tennis racquets for them, however,we highly recommend that students bring their own racquets.

Tennis Program:

Tennis racquets must be brought everyday.

Lost and Found: When items are lost, an effort will be made to find and return the items to their owners as soon as possible. If your student loses something, encourage him/her to check our lost and found box (LOCATED TO THE LEFT OF THE TENNIS COURT ENTRANCE).  Ensure that all children’s possessions are labeled, preferably on the tag at the neck or waist.

Emergency Contact Form

Emergency Contact

Medical or special care information

I grant permission for the caregiver program to provide or arrange for medical treatment and/or transportation to an evacuation site and/or medical facility for my child, identified above, during an emergency or disaster. I also grant permission for my child to be released to any of the emergency contacts I have designated on the previous page if I am unable to pick them up in an emergency.