Silvers Swim Meet Report

March 2, 2017

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Dear MatchPoint NYC parents and Swim Team members! Congratulations to all swimmers who showed great results during the Silver swim meet at the Lehman College last weekend. Our swimmers set several new qualifier cut times for the future Junior Olympics swim meet and won multiple prizes.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Nicole Yildiz: new MatchPoint team record and three 1st places.

  • Elizabeth Kuznetsov: two 1st and two 2nd places
  • Piotr Kaps: two 1st and two 2nd places
  • Yevgeniy Kourilov: 1st, 2nd and two 3rd places
  • Eric Cherny: two 1st places
  • Andrew Kravtsov: two 2nd places
  • Mykyta Bashynskyi: first and 2nd places
  • Marwan Elkhouly: 1st and 2nd places
  • Mykhaylo Filimonov: 1st and 3rd places
  • Saadeddin Saadeddin: two 1st and one 2nd places
  • Nikita Zametko: 2nd and 3rd places
  • Mandy Chan: 1st place
  • John DiMaggio: 1st place
  • Khaled Hammam: 1st place
  • Briana Law: 1st place
  • Claire Plat: 2nd place
  • Tim Landgraf: 2nd place
  • David Gutin: 2nd place
  • Gregory Bazylko: 2nd place
  • Rachel Davidovich: 3rd place
  • Daniel Gorelik: 3rd place
  • Sean Roudnitsky: 3rd place

Keep up the hard work, MatchPoint NYC is rooting for your continuous success!

Silvers Swim Meet Report