Matchpoint’s Girls’ Quick Start tournament took place on Saturday, May 21 with a total of 22 players competing. Just like the boys the previous week, the girls were divided into two groups: Quick Start (8 players) and Advanced Quick Start (14 players). Everyone competed in the round robin group stage (two groups of four players for Quick Start, and two groups of seven players for Advanced Quick Start), with the top two competitors in each group moving on to their respective semi finals. 

In the Quick Start division, matches consisted of two five point games with coaches Narek Bazyan and Andrey Vyaltsev Jr. helping the younger competitors by feeding the ball in for each point. Despite splitting their two games (5-2, 4-5), Rebecca Friedman defeated Alyssa Shakhnevich by an aggregate score of 9-7 to take first place. Liza Grikina defeated Gaby Kucher  in two very close games (5-4, 5-4) to win third place.

The Advanced Quick Start division provided some excellent competition as well. Supervised by coaches Pavel Bednarzh, Khrystsina Tryboi and Danny Ostrometsky, the girls played one seven point game and were required to take turns serving to begin each point themselves. In the semi finals, defending champion Charlotte Kogan defeated first time competitor Mia Shapiro 7-4 while Charlotte’s younger sister Olivia Kogan (who won last time in the Quick Start division) defeated Alice Kiosse by the same score, matching the sisters against each other in a final showdown. In a match that saw many impressive points, Olivia narrowly beat out Charlotte for first place, winning 7-6. In an equally competitive match, Alice Kiosse emerged victorious over Mia Shapiro by the score of 7-2, capturing third place.