[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text delay=”0″]Matchpoint NYC’s Boys’ QuickStart tournament took place on Saturday, May 14 with a total of 22 players competing. The boys were divided into two groups: Quick Start (8 players) and Advanced Quick Start (14 players).

Coaches Pavel Bednarzh, Khrystsina Tryboi and Danny Ostrometsky supervised the advanced group, in which the players would begin each point by serving the ball themselves. Coaches Narek Bazyan and Andrey Vyaltsev Jr. helped the younger competitors by feeding the ball in for each point.
All players competed in the round robin group stage (two groups of four players for Quick Start, and two groups of seven players for Advanced Quick Start), with the top two competitors in each group advancing to their respective semi finals.
In the Quick Start division, Josh Dolinsky defeated Nikita Rykov 10-7 for 1st place, and Alex Lupatinsky defeated Ryan Chernis 10-6 for 3rd place.
The Advanced Quick Start group saw some close competition, with a four way tie in one of the round robin groups. A tie breaker determined that Alan Severin would advance along with Sean Rosenstein, who won every single one of his round robin matches. Timothy Silantiev and Kirill Libman would advance from the other round robin group. Silantiev, unbeaten in the tournament, defeated Libman 7-5 in a riveting final, while Alan Severin was victorious over Sean Rosenstein by the score of 7-4 to clinch 3rd place.
The QuickStart tournament provided some great moments, with many rallies prompting huge cheers from the onlooking parents. The level of play from these young athletes continues to improve with every session, and these tournaments serve as a testament to their hard work, dedication, and love for the game.
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