Picking The Right Tennis Racquet

August 13, 2020

Let’s start off by saying that each child is unique and it’s important to match them with the appropriate size racquet to properly develop tennis fundamentals. It’s especially important to find the right fit at a younger age to minimize bad technique, improve timing, and enjoyable time on the court.⁠ Most brands now make racquets as small as 17 inches which are designed for children who are just starting out and are approximately 2-4 years old.⁠ ⁠

  • 19,21,23-inch racquets are generally for players under 8 years old who are playing with red balls.
  • 23 and 25-inch racquets are a better fit for players 9-10 years old who are playing with orange balls. NOTE: USTA Orange Ball Sanctioned Tournaments must be played with a 25-inch racquet, not 26.⁠ ⁠
  • 26-inch racquets are great for players transitioning to a 78-foot court and plying with green dot balls.⁠
  • 27 inches and up are considered adult racquets for players of all ages and levels. There are some great lightweight models with 0 handle, which are great for players just starting to play with yellow balls.⁠
Picking The Right Tennis Racquet