P.S. 254 Testimonial

April 30, 2015

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of accompanying my fifth grade students on a trip to Matchpoint Tennis Center. I was immediately impressed with their state of the art facility. It appeared to be brand new, as it was clean and very modern looking.

I was very pleased by how professional the staff at Matchpoint was. They were able to manage close to 100 students with ease. The students were promptly divided into groups and were assigned coaches. I had the luxury of being able to observe each coach as they worked with the students and performed their own unique drills. Each coach had the full attention and cooperation of their group of students and it was evident that they were having a great time while learning the game of tennis.

What struck me the most was how so many students who had not previously picked up a tennis racquet, learned so quickly due to the professionalism and knowledge of the coaches. Their expertise in understanding the experience levels of the students and instructing them accordingly was outstanding.

I look forward to future visits to MatchPoint NYC with our students!

Sean Perri
Physical Education Teacher
P.S.254, The Dag Hammarskjold School

P.S. 254 Testimonial