Junior Olympics LIAC pool Report/Results/Records

August 4, 2022

Dear Parents and Swimmers,
MPNY team very successful swam on Junior Olympics meet past weekends in LIAC pool!
Among 100’s club by score points, our MP team got 8 places!
  • Girls Team 9 Place!
  • Boys Team 7 place!

Great swim!

Our Congratulations to All Swimmers and Coaches who work and swim in the JO meet and helped Team get these points!

Our Congratulations to

  • Martyna Kaps 14y. old! She got Fist place and Trofie for individual High Score Point- combined from many events! Martyna set Two New MP Team Records! Also, One-1st, Two-2nd, Four-3rd, and Two-5th places!
  • Stefan Perelman 8y.old- Two New MP Team Records!
  • Kostiantyn Kvasha 14y.old- One New MP Team Record! 9th place in High individual score point! Also, One 2nd, Two-4th, and One 6th place!
  • Elena Curinnaia 11y.old-One New MP Team Record! and 9th place!
  • Valerii Pidhoretskyy 16y.old- 9th place in individual high score point! One-2nd, One-3rd, and one 6th places!
  • Ilyan Lomeyko 15y.old – One-2nd and One-3rd places!
  • Yuri Shlivko 10y.old -Two-6th, one-7th, and two-8th places! and 11 place in individual score points!
  • Mason Kostov 11y.old- 7th place!
  • Daniil Zabolotskii 11y.old -8th place!
  • JunHyun Meyer 10y.old-10th place!
  • Michael Savchuk 16y.old-10th place!
Great Swim Match Point!
Go Ahead Match Point!
Junior Olympics LIAC pool Report/Results/Records