Junior Olympics LIAC pool Report/Results/Records

Dear Parents and Swimmers,
MPNY team very successful swam on Junior Olympics meet past weekends in LIAC pool!
Among 100’s club by score points, our MP team got 8 places!
  • Girls Team 9 Place!
  • Boys Team 7 place!

Great swim!

Our Congratulations to All Swimmers and Coaches who work and swim in the JO meet and helped Team get these points!

Our Congratulations to

  • Martyna Kaps 14y. old! She got Fist place and Trofie for individual High Score Point- combined from many events! Martyna set Two New MP Team Records! Also, One-1st, Two-2nd, Four-3rd, and Two-5th places!
  • Stefan Perelman 8y.old- Two New MP Team Records!
  • Kostiantyn Kvasha 14y.old- One New MP Team Record! 9th place in High individual score point! Also, One 2nd, Two-4th, and One 6th place!
  • Elena Curinnaia 11y.old-One New MP Team Record! and 9th place!
  • Valerii Pidhoretskyy 16y.old- 9th place in individual high score point! One-2nd, One-3rd, and one 6th places!
  • Ilyan Lomeyko 15y.old – One-2nd and One-3rd places!
  • Yuri Shlivko 10y.old -Two-6th, one-7th, and two-8th places! and 11 place in individual score points!
  • Mason Kostov 11y.old- 7th place!
  • Daniil Zabolotskii 11y.old -8th place!
  • JunHyun Meyer 10y.old-10th place!
  • Michael Savchuk 16y.old-10th place!
Great Swim Match Point!
Go Ahead Match Point!