[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text delay=”0″]In just a few short weeks, the Summer Camp season starts! Join one of our Summer Camp programs and watch your child develop into a passionate little athlete.


MatchPoint NYC 2017 Summer Camp programs run for 10 weeks from June 26th through September 1st. Programs incorporate multi-sport, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and swimming camps. Tennis, Swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics camps have an emphasis on athletic development and competitive training and mental toughness. The camp utilizes our indoor Junior Olympic swimming pool, fitness center, rhythmic gymnastics studio and an outdoor training field.


Multi-Sport Camp program runs for 10 weeks from June 26th through September 1st. The program is ideal for children who are just starting to play tennis, since it also incorporates basketball, swimming, gymnastics, stretching, fitness, and kickboxing. Multi-Sport program serves children ages 6 and older. You child will have fun and develop long lasting friendships.


Tennis Camp program runs for 10 weeks from June26th through September 1st and serves players of all level from ages 6 – 18. We are delighted to welcome children from QuickStart programs, to recreational players, to serious tournament competitors. Our mission is to provide each player with the opportunity to learn, improve and simply have fun with friends. Our team of instructors, coaches and fitness trainers proudly includes some of the finest coaches in the East. Our internationally acclaimed staff includes Olympians and …


Rhythmic Gymnastics Camp program runs for 9 weeks from July 4th through September 1st and features a high-quality training program for girls ages 5 and older. Our Rhythmic Gymnastics Director, Lucy Kerznerman along with her internationally acclaimed staff, have put together a rigorous and comprehensive program aimed at developing skills and techniques in a fun and enriching environment.


Swimming Camp program runs for 9 weeks from July 4th through September 1st and is designed to help each child understand technical, physical and hydrodynamic principles of the sport of swimming. Kids will be guided to discover the world of competitive swimming, and will get to experience in through lessons in stroke development, lectures, videos & dryland training and flexibility training. We are welcome children ages 6 and older who feel comfortable in the water and have skills at Beginner 2/Intermediate level.


We focus on helping kids become better athletes and more confident young adults.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]