MatchPoint NYC was listed as one of the sports best tennis facilities in New York Tennis Magazine in the November/ December Issue. Nino Muhatasov, our Co-founder and Director was interviewed along with some of the sports top coaches who shared their ideas and strategies from coaching those who are new to the game, to skilled juniors.

Nino is a former coach of WTA and ATP players, as well as a former captain and number one singles and doubles player for St. John’ University. He is also a Big East Conference Finalist, as well as a two time MVP. With 15 plus years of coaching experience his input at the coaches round table was very exciting and valuable.

Each coach was asked to answer 3 questions.

Question 1:  What should be the ratio between the time spent on the court and the time spent on fitness be for juniors?

Nino M: I would say the ratio should be around 65% time on the court, to 35% fitness for juniors.

Question 2:  Which coaches do you admire in other professional sports?

Nino M: I look up to coaches like Pat Riley, Bill Belichick and Bobby Knight.

Question 3: What is the one thing you hope any student of yours learns from you?

Nino M: The one thing I hope my students learn from me is that hard work pays off!

The topic of Fitness and Nutrition in the magazine was covered by Suzanne McGee, she is certified by National Academy of Sports and Medicine, and also holds a Certificate in plant Based Nutrition from eCornell U.

Susan advises that whatever level of your tennis skill may be, you can always improve upon your game by improving your tennis specific fitness. She suggests that it should become a part of your tennis lifestyle.

Susan lists 8 basic tennis fitness preparation exercises:

Walking lunges- Jumping lunges- Burpees (full body stretch and balance)- Plank and it’s variations- Kettlebell swings-  Rubber-band side walk (hip strength)- Side jumps- Stretching

Susan also suggests that if you are a recreational or social player without any serious competitive aspirations, you still should have at least two fitness training sessions per week.

This is a link to the full article on the Coaches Round Table