MatchPoint NYC Swimmers Take On Metro Junior Olympics on Long Island

July 31, 2019

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Our incredible MatchPoint NYC Swim Team competed among 100 teams at the Metro Junior Olympics this past weekend on Long Island. We placed 11th out of the 100 Metro-area teams present, based on combined scores of boys and girls swimmers. Overall, our Boys placed 8th and our Girls placed 22nd. Our Coaches are very happy with their progress and these results!

Below is a breakdown of who achieved new MatchPoint NYC records:

  • Martyna Kaps – Five New MatchPoint NYC team records!
  • David Grushovenko – Two New MatchPoint NYC team records AND the High Score after all 9 events!
  • Edward Baranov – One New MatchPoint NYC team record!

Below is a breakdown of placement:

  • Martyna Kaps – 4th and 7th places!
  • David Grushovenko –  One 2nd, two 4th, two 5th, 6th and two 8th places!
  •  Edward Baranov – 4th and 8th places!
  • Joe DiMaggio – 1st place!
  • Zakhar Trifonov – One 5th, two 7th, 8th and 10th places!
  • Ethan Law – 3rd and 10th places!
  • Ilyan Lomeyko – Two 5th and 9th places!
  • Sean Roudnitsky – 7th place!
  • Youssef Elkhouly – 9th place!

We would like to extend another congratulations to our Boys team 15-18 y.o., which includes Ethan Law, Sean Roudnitsky, Zakhar Trifonov and Joe DiMaggio. These boys achieved 1st and 3rd places in 400m medley and 200m free relays, respectively. They also placed 2nd in the 400m free relay!

Once again, a big congratulations to all swimmers on their recent accomplishments. Swim onward, MatchPoint NYC!

MatchPoint NYC Swimmers Take On Metro Junior Olympics on Long Island