MatchPoint NYC Swimmers Stand Out in Large Competitions

March 15, 2019

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

The MatchPoint NYC Swim Team participated in two competitions on Long Island this past weekend: A Junior Olympic competition and an Age Group Challenge. MatchPoint NYC was among hundreds of other teams in the same competitions, but according to Coach Konstantin, they were able to “stand out from the rest”. We would like to congratulate all winners and participants of these competitions.

Our Men’s squad (ages 15-18) placed 5th in the Age Group Challenge. In a large competition, placing in the Top 5 is a success! At the Junior Olympic competition (ages 14 and under), the boys squad placed 15th and the girls placed 13th. Three MatchPoint NYC swimmers achieved brand new team records as well!

New MatchPoint NYC Swim Records (Relays)

  • Martyna Kaps locked in two new MatchPoint NYC Team Records.
  • Elizabeth Kuznetsov recorded an astounding FIVE New MatchPoint NYC Team records.
  • Isabel Vilensky locked in one New MatchPoint NYC Team Record.

Placement Breakdown

  • Martyna Kaps brought home Two-3rd, Three-4th, a 6th, and two-7th places!
  • Elizabeth Kuznetsov brought home 5th, two-7th, an 8th, and 10th places!
  • Isabel Vilensky brought home 3rd, 5th and 8th places!
  • lyan Lomeyko brought home 3rd place!
  • Zakhar Trifonov- brought home 2nd, 7th, and 8th places!
  • David Grushovenko brought home Two-3rd, a 5th, a 9th, and 10th places!
  • Ariana Ma brought home 3rd, 5th, and 10th places!
  • Youssef Ellkhouly brought home 4th, 5th, and 9th places!
  • Saadeddin Saadeddin brought home 5th, 8th and 9th places!
  • Maxim Konoplin brought home 5th and 7th places!
  • Gregory Bazylko brought home 8th and 10th places!
  • Kai Funaro brought home 5th place!
  • Ethan Law brought home 5th place!
  • Valerii Pidhoretskyy brought home 5th place!
  • Sean Roudnitsky brought home 7th place!

Great swims and keep up the hard work MatchPoint NYC!

MatchPoint NYC Swimmers Stand Out in Large Competitions