Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Our gifted MatchPoint NYC Swim Team recently competed in an LIE Swim Meet at Hofstra University. The team competed hard and broke some MatchPoint NYC records. Our Coaches are very pleased with their progress and the results from the meet!

New MatchPoint NYC records:

  • Martyna Kaps – Three New MatchPoint NYC team records!
  • Rebecca Trosman – Three New MatchPoint NYC team records!
  • Dan Fratea – Two New MatchPoint NYC team records!

Below is a breakdown of placement:

  • Martyna Kaps – Four 1st places and four 2nd places!
  • Ylian Lomeyko – Two 1st places!
  • Ariel Okhtenberg – 1st and 2nd places!
  • Philipp Rivkind – 1st and 2nd places!
  • Oksana Marchuk – 2nd and 3rd places!
  • Valerii Pidhoretskyy – 2nd and 3rd places!
  • Youseff Elkhouly – 2nd place!
  • Maxim Konoplin – 2nd place!
  • Isabel Vilensky – 2nd place!
  • Joe DiMaggio – 3rd place!
  • Eric Slavin – 3rd place!

Overall, it was an improvement over the team’s last visit to Hofstra University. Once again, a big congratulations to all swimmers on their recent accomplishments. Swim onward, MatchPoint NYC!