Dear Parents and Swimmers,

This past weekend, the MatchPoint NYC Swim Team participated in a Trident Swim Meet at Lehman College. The team swam well and was able to break some MatchPoint NYC records. Our coaches are very happy with their progress and the results from the meet!

New MatchPoint NYC record(s):

  • Tom Nguyen – One New MatchPoint NYC team record!

Below is a breakdown of placement:

  • Tom Nguyen – Two 1st places!
  • Andrew Woo – Four 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places!
  • Parvina Makhmadalieva – Two 1st, one 2nd, and three 3rd places!
  • Alexander Filipov – Two 1st and one 2nd places!
  • Isabelle Yaremenko – One 1st, two 2nd, and two 3rd places!
  • Ariana Ma – One 1st and three 2nd places!
  • Arthur Vazenins – Three 2nd and one 3rd places!
  • Adam Bukinich – Two 3rd places!
  • John DiMaggio – 2nd place!
  • Fillip Gold – 2nd place!
  • Timothy Michin – 2nd place!
  • Claire Platt – 2nd place!
  • Saba Batiashvilli – 3rd place!
  • Eric Cherny – 3rd place!
  • Michael Iosava – 3rd place!
  • Brian Teplitsky – 3rd place!
  • Julian Teplitsky – 3rd place!

As the Holidays approach, we would like to congratulate our Swim Team on another fantastic year of swimming! We hope that 2020 brings more great results and improvement for all of our swimmers. Great job this past weekend, and swim onward, MatchPoint NYC!