MatchPoint NYC Swim Team Breaks 12 New Records At Hofstra Meet

December 6, 2021

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Congratulations to the MatchPoint NYC Swim Team who participated at the 2021 LIE Hofstra Swim Meet. Our favorite team left it all out in the pool and generated a grand total of 12 new MatchPoint NYC Swim Team records! We are becoming used to record-breaking performances from our swimmers, who have achieved this feat in the last three swim meets. Standout Martyna Kaps collected six new records on her own, while Alexa Deng & Stefan Perelman notched three of their own. Records are made to be broken & our team is poised to break many more this competition season.

New MatchPoint NYC Swim Team records:

Martyna Kaps – Six New MatchPoint NYC team records!

Alexa Deng – Three New MatchPoint NYC team records!

Stefan Perelman – Three New MatchPoint NYC team records!

Breakdown of Placements:

  • Martyna Kaps – four 1st and two 2nd places
  • Alexa Deng – one 2nd and three 3rd places
  • Mason Kostov – seven 1st and three 2nd places
  • Dan Fratea – three 1st and seven 2nd places
  • Valerii Pidhoretskyy – 1st, two 2nd, and 3rd places
  • Yuri Shlivko – three 2nd and three 3rd places
  • Andrew Woo – 2nd and two 3rd places
  • Ivan Yu – three 2nd places
  • Elena Curinnaia – 3rd place
  • Jared Ma – 3rd place

Congratulations to our great Swim Team and amazing coaches on another successful competition. Our Coaches would like to thank the parents for making another meet possible. Let’s keep breaking records! Swim onward, MatchPoint NYC!

MatchPoint NYC Swim Team Breaks 12 New Records At Hofstra Meet