MatchPoint NYC Swim Team at the Junior Olympics

March 22, 2018

Dear Parents and swimmers! MatchPoint NYC Swim Team finished the Junior Olympics swim meet in Long Island with great results setting several new MatchPoint NYC Swim Team records! Among one hundred teams in Metropolitan area MatchPoint NYC Swim Team is on the 8th place by combined team scores: Age groups 14U, 15th place by the total score points; 10U, 8th place; 12U, 14ht place and 14U, 23rd place; age group 15-18y.o. (boys team) – 5th place; age group 15-18 y.o. (girls) – 25th place.

Medals in Detail:

  • Martyna Kaps- 2nd place in individual score point combined many events!
  • Martyna set Seven New MP Team Records/ Six-2nd, one 3rd and two-7th places.
  • Saadeddin Saadeddin-one new MP team record, 3rd, two 4th, 6th, 8th and two 10th places.
  • Christopher Orobinsky-1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 9th places.
  • John DiMaggio-3rd, 5th and two 8th places.
  • Reginald Odom-2nd and two 7th places.
  • David Gutin-6th and 7th places.
  • Ilyan lomeyko-7th.
  • Ethan Law-8th and Angelina Gonzalez-9th places.

Also our Congratulations relay swimmers!

  • Boys 10 and under finished 3rd in 200 medley relay and 5th in 200 free relay with two new MatchPoint NYC Swim Team records (David Gutin, Ilyan Lomeyko, Georgy Bazylko and Justin Lerner).
  • Boys 15-18y.o. finished 2nd in  400 freestyle relay and 3rd in 400 medley relay (Christopher Orobinsky, Reginald Odom, Ethan Law and Michael Arkhangelsiy); 200 Freestyle relay-2nd place (Reginald Odom, Sean Roudnitsky, Ethan Law and Christopher Orobinsky).

MatchPoint NYC Swim Team at the Junior Olympics