Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Our Matchpoint swimmers were very successful at The Hydro Swim Meet in Lehman college last weekend!

Our Congratulations to:

  • Martyna Kaps- Four new MP Team Records and Four-1st places!

  • Saadeddin Saadeddin-One new MP team record, Four-1st, -one 2nd and two-3rd places!

  • Elizabeth Kuznetsov-One new MP team record and three-3rd places!

  • Isabelle Yaremenko-One new MP team record!

  • Maria Burtseva-One new MP team record!

  • Christopher Orobinsky- Four-1st, Two-2nd and Two-3rd places!

  • Oksana Marchuk-Four 1st and One- 2nd places!

  • John DiMaggio- One -1st, Three-2nd, and one 3rd places!

  • Anna Karacheva-One-1st and 2nd places!

  • Ilyan Lomeyko- Two-2nd and Two 3rd places!

  • Ariana Ma-One 1st and 2nd places!

  • Briana Law-Three-2nd places! Edward Baranov-2nd and 3rd places!

  • Konstantin Lomeyko-2nd and 3rd places! Ethan Law-2nd and 3rd places!

  • Angelina Gonzalez-3rd place!

  • David Grushovenko-3rd place!

Thanks a lot to parents who were timing on this meet!

Great swim Match Point!

Go Ahead Match Point!