MatchPoint NYC Swim Team at the Hydro Swim Meet

April 20, 2018

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Our Matchpoint swimmers were very successful at The Hydro Swim Meet in Lehman college last weekend!

Our Congratulations to:

  • Martyna Kaps- Four new MP Team Records and Four-1st places!

  • Saadeddin Saadeddin-One new MP team record, Four-1st, -one 2nd and two-3rd places!

  • Elizabeth Kuznetsov-One new MP team record and three-3rd places!

  • Isabelle Yaremenko-One new MP team record!

  • Maria Burtseva-One new MP team record!

  • Christopher Orobinsky- Four-1st, Two-2nd and Two-3rd places!

  • Oksana Marchuk-Four 1st and One- 2nd places!

  • John DiMaggio- One -1st, Three-2nd, and one 3rd places!

  • Anna Karacheva-One-1st and 2nd places!

  • Ilyan Lomeyko- Two-2nd and Two 3rd places!

  • Ariana Ma-One 1st and 2nd places!

  • Briana Law-Three-2nd places! Edward Baranov-2nd and 3rd places!

  • Konstantin Lomeyko-2nd and 3rd places! Ethan Law-2nd and 3rd places!

  • Angelina Gonzalez-3rd place!

  • David Grushovenko-3rd place!

Thanks a lot to parents who were timing on this meet!

Great swim Match Point!

Go Ahead Match Point!

MatchPoint NYC Swim Team at the Hydro Swim Meet