MatchPoint NYC Swim Team at Redtails International wim meet in Lehman College

June 26, 2018

Dear Parents and Swimmers, congratulations to all swimmers who participated in the Redtails international swim meet at Lehman College! Match Point Swim Team finished 3rd by total score points among 30 swim clubs. Boy’s team finished 2nd and girls team finished 5th.

Our Congratulations to Swimmers who got Individual High score point trophies after many events.

  • Martyna Kaps: first place (10 y.o. girls). Martyna set two new MatchPoint Team Records and won five 1st and one 2nd places!
  • John DiMaggio: first place (high score point 11-12y.o.) John won one 1st, three 2nd, and one 3rd places!
  • Christopher Orobinsky: 2nd place (high score point 15-18y.o.); one 2nd and Two-3rd places!
  • Saadeddin Saadeddin: 3rd place (high score point 11-12y.o.); one 1st and four 2nd places!
  • Ariel Okhtenberg: set new MatchPoint Team Record! Five 1st and one 2nd places!

Also Congratulation swimmers by events:

  • Isabel Vilensky: 2nd and 3rd places!
  • Robert Wisniewski: 2place!
  • Lomeyko Konstantin: 3rd place!
  • Nicholas Oganezov: 3place!

Relays Report:

  • 200 medley boys 10 under finished First! (Brian Teplitsky, David Grushovenko, Nikita Michin, Nicholas Oganezov).
  • Boys 200 medley 11-12 y.o. finished Second! (Daniel Preobrazhensky, Edward Baranov, Saadeddin Saadeddin, John DiMaggio).
  • Boys 400 free 13-14 y.o. finished Third! (Piotr Kaps, Gregory Kuznetsov, Filip Gold, Gregory Lipkovich).
  • Boys over 400 free 15y.o. finished 1st and 400 medley finished 2nd! (Ariel Okhtenberg,Nikita Zametko, Robert Wisniewski, Christopher Orobinsky).

MatchPoint NYC Swim Team at Redtails International wim meet in Lehman College