Dear Parents and Swimmers,

This past weekend, the MatchPoint NYC Swim Team dove into the Metropolitan 8-and-under Championships in Upstate New York. Some of our youngest swimmers proved to be no slouches when it comes to Championship Swimming. Our boys placed 2nd overall based on combined score points at the meet and even have some new records to speak of. Konstantin and the rest of the coaches were impressed with how some of their youngest swimmers handled the spotlight!

New MatchPoint NYC record(s):

  • Dan Fratea – Two New MatchPoint NYC team records!
  • Yuri Shlivko – One New MatchPoint NYC team record!
  • Michael Iosava – Two New MatchPoint NYC team records!

Below is a breakdown of placement:

  • Ivan Velykorodnyi – Three 1st and five 2nd places!
  • Dan Fratea – One 2nd, 5th, two 7th, two 8th, and two 9th places!
  • Yuri Shlivko – One 2nd, two 3rd, 4th, two 7th, and 8th places!
  • Michael Iosava – Two 4th, two 6th, 8th, and 10th places!
  • Nikita Savkin – 6th and 10th places!

It is evident that our youngest swimmers have a bright future ahead of them, and we are so proud! Great job and swim onward, MatchPoint NYC!