The school year is coming to an end, and many parents wonder how to offer their children great summer holidays, full of activities and time spent with their peers.

This can be achieved with MatchPoint NYC Summer Day Camp programs. The camp employs instructors who are professional coaches and experts in the sport they teach. The camp’s Tennis, Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Multi-Sport programs allow children of all ages and fitness levels to have a summer filled with sports and fun.

The camp curriculum is carefully put together to accommodate the needs of every one of young athletes.

MatchPoint NY Summer Day Camp offers your child:

  • Athletic development and activities;
  • Competency-based sports programs;
  • Creative teamwork;
  • Hot lunch and snacks.

Every child will receive individualized attention and improve his or her athletic skills!

Sports may include depending on the program: tennis, swimming, soccer, martial arts, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, yoga, pilates.

Tennis, gymnastics, and multisport camp will operate from June 25 thru Aug. 31; swimming camp will be open June 25 thru Aug. 17.

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