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Check out what’s going on at MatchPoint NYC this month.

Call (718) 444-3600 for more information.

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More than twelve hundred people came to this year’s Winter Dream Festival! It was a truly magical winter celebration that kids will remember for a long time. Everyone got to enjoy 6 hours of non-stop fun which included several ice skating shows, aerial acts, stilt walkers, face painters, and so much more! Shakirova Aziza won the main prize – Mercedes Benz!

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January Gym Promotion:

  • $0 Registration
  • 15% OFF
  • 2 FREE months (silver membership); 3 FREE months (gold membership)
  • 1 FREE Fitness Assessment
  • 1 FREE Personal Training Session
  • Bring one of your friends to the gym for FREE for 30 days

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Early Bird Priority Registration is NOW OPEN!

This exclusive offering, is only available to our 2016 Fall Program kids.

The Early Bird Registration offer provides: 1. Up to $75 OFF and 2. Early access to our 2017 Spring Program.

How does it work?

  • Pay in full at the time of registration and receive up to $75 OFF (offer expires March 12).
  • Pay 40% at the time of registration and receive up to $75 OFF (offer expires January 9).

For more information please call (718) 769-0001.

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Mini meet

Turned out to be a wonderful celebration of swimmers accomplishments. Starting at age 3, for many athletes it was their very first competition and MatchPoint is so proud to see so many courageous little swimmers!


We will have our final evaluations this month. New session begins January 23rd, take advantage of our early registration, and secure your child’s spot in the program. Happy Holidays from MatchPoint Aquatics! 

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Congratulations to Mia Shapiro

Who won the best effort award during the open camp in Huntsville, Texas.

The Winter Exhibition was a great success! Everyone got a chance to participate and show what they’ve learned during the Fall Semester.

  • Emily Wilson, Nicole Yatskar, Renata Badalova all | level 9
  • Eveline Lisovenko level ,Anastasiya Ziuz | level 8
  • Alexandra Daryaeva,Alisa Vazgrina | level 7
  • Ksenia Pototski | level 6
  • And Anastasia Nesterenko former | level 9

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Try our QuickStart Tennis, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Swimming kid’s classes for free. Click Here or call 718 769-0001 to schedule an appointment.