Five Mistakes to Avoid Making with Your Nutrition

December 28, 2018

Despite all of your efforts to control your weight and fitness level, certain common mistakes can negate all of your hard work. Make sure you aren’t accidentally sabotaging your own goals by committing these five errors.

Mistake #1: Eating Heavy late at Night

Most people don’t eat during work, or take a tiny lunch break for a salad.  Not eating regularly sets you up for a trifecta of bad news: Low blood sugar that puts you at risk of overindulgence in sugars, a slower metabolism, and stuffing your face with a large meal right before a long period of inactivity.

Instead, try: Eating regularly throughout the day.

Avoid this mistake by snacking and/or taking time out for a real lunch break. Don’t fall victim to pounding on those calories late at night. You need to give your stomach some time to digest and rest before going to bed.

Mistake #2: Eating Heavy in the mornings

Break the habit of overeating at night, and then waking up to another large meal of eggs, bacon, oatmeal, and yogurt. Your stomach is just like any other muscle, and it needs a break every now and then. Stop putting so much pressure on it to digest large meals and leave you sluggish throughout the day.

Instead, try:  Starting off with a light breakfast like a smoothie or a juice.

This will put a smile on your digestive system. Show your body that you do care, and prepare it for a bigger, heartier meal later in the day!

Mistake #3: Doing Fad Diets

Cleanses, ketogenic diets, paleo, South Beach diets. What to choose? How about none of them. Unless you are 100% committed and have a legitimate reason for choosing a certain diet, they’re unrealistic.  Don’t beat yourself up over something too demanding and unreasonable.

Instead, try: Keeping it Simple

Keep it SIMPLE and eat natural food that is not processed or preserved. Check out the next two points for how to keep those foods a staple in your diet.

Mistake #4: Shopping for food in  the middle of the isles instead of around the edges

The middle  isles in supermarkets hide foods that are in cans, boxes, bags and so on. Leave that food there. Never buy processed or preserved food unless you are preparing for WAR.

Instead, try: Shopping around the perimeter of the supermarket.

There, you will get all your nutritional needs. Keep it SIMPLE! Shop for Fruits/Veggies/Meat and poultry/Dairy and so on. All that good natural food is located around the supermarket, not within it. Buy real, natural foods and eat them before they go bad.

Mistake #5: Eating too much, too quickly

Use a smaller plate when eating. Most Americans consume too much food because of their plate size. And take your time to eat it. New Yorkers, especially, are always rushing and on the go, but eating too fast can easily be the reason you are struggling with weight management.

Instead, try: Eating slowly, and stop before you feel too full

Take the time to eat! Enjoy what your eating, and your stomach will thank you. You will be surprised how full you are when you actually take your time.

Five Mistakes to Avoid Making with Your Nutrition