First Tennis Lesson: QuickStart 7U

August 13, 2020

In the first tennis lesson, your child’s coach will spend time assessing the child’s athletic skills during the warm-up, which typically lasts 5-7 minutes. Initially, this process might take a little longer so the instructor can introduce himself to the child and start forming a bond with your munchkin. ⁠

After the warm-up, your child will start learning tennis fundamentals, including proper positioning, motions, tossing, stroke production, grips, and footwork. ⁠

Don’t be discouraged if your child won’t be able to hit a ball at first. Show support and encouragement to your little athlete. It might take a few lessons to improve hand-eye coordination in combination with timing to be able to start playing tennis. ⁠

MatchPoint NYC QuickStart coaches utilize the USTA NetGeneration curriculum in conjunction with functional tennis drills. This enables young players to almost instantly keep modified rallies and play collaborative games. If you have any questions about our curriculum, please contact your coach.

First Tennis Lesson: QuickStart 7U