A coach really is more than just that. A truly good coach pushes you, guides you in the right direction and believes in you no matter what and Eugene Perepelov does all those things and more, at least according to one of his top students Michelle Kleynerman who is being recognized for her impressive performance this past month. The four-star tennis champ credits her recent successful string of matches, both individual and team, to her boost in confidence. In other words, it takes more than just technique to have what it takes to win. In a recent interview, Michelle Kleynerman explains proudly ” [Her] coach has also been a huge contributor” and that  “[she] absolutely thanks him, not only for helping [her] improve [her] game but also teaching [her] how to make adjustments to boost self-confidence during matches”.  In many ways, Eugene Perepelov’s influence has inspired Michelle Kleynerman to apply this confidence in her future endeavors as she goes on to explain- “Playing college tennis has definitely been something on my mind, even though it’s a long time from now”. “On or off the court, academically or in tennis, I’d like to make an impact. I’d like to be part of a team where I can make a difference.”  We are rooting for you Michelle Kleynerman and Eugene Perepelov’s got your back!

Original Source: Hot 100 List – December 2018