December Newsletter

December 2, 2015

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MatchPoint NYC will hold a FREE Open House for all our kids programs.
Come in and try any kids program for free and FIND YOUR GAME!

When: Sunday, December 20th | Time: 3-5pm

Programs included: Tennis Junior Development (ages 7-18),
(ages 6 and under), Rhythmic Gymnastics, Swimming.


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Tennis: Sign up your aspiring tennis player (ages 6 and under) to compete in MatchPoint NYC’s annual QuickStart Tournament. Event details: Dec. 12 for boys and Dec. 19 for girls, time 2PM. Trophies and Medals will be awarded!

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MMA & Sambo by David Rudman: MatchPoint NYC will hold our 1st Annual Sumo Tournament on Friday, Dec 4th at 5pm in the Multi-Sport room. All are welcome to attend. Please visit our special events section on the website for more info.

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Membership Special: Sign up for our ½ Hour Stretching Sessions! Stretching can help improve flexibility, range of motion, improve athletic performance and decrease the risk of activity-based injuries. Kids Fitness Classes in Studio A are Monday- Thursday 6-7pm.  Beginner Yoga with Farrah is every Sat. at 10am and Sun. at 11:15am. 30 Minute Personal Training Sessions are now available. Stop by the gym to measure your body fat ratio every night at 6PM.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics: Our Mommy & Me classes are held every Friday and Sunday: 10-11am, join now the 1st lesson is free. The annual Recreational Winter Exhibition will be held on December 5th in the Multi-Sport Room at 10am. MatchPoint NYC will hold our first Invitational January 15-17. For more information please visit the special events section on our website.

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Café: If you build it, we will make it! Stop by and try our new build your own sandwich or salad menu.

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December Newsletter