Our December 4th Sumo Tournament was a success!

December 14, 2015

On December 4th, MatchPoint NYC held our 1st Annual Sumo Tournament. 22 Kids ages 5-12 participated in the 2 hour event held in our Multi Sport room. Sumo is a Japanese form of heavyweight wrestling, in which a wrestler wins by  forcing his opponent outside a marked circle or by making him touch the ground with any part of his body except the soles of his feet. The parents were all really engaged in the event. Thank you everyone for coming and we hope to see you at our Sambo and Dzudo tournaments that are coming up in 2016.



20 kg. (44 lb)

  1. Gelfand Aaron 6 years
  2. Melkumov Elvin 6 years
  3. Hiefitz Samuel 5 years

25 kg. (55 lb)

  1. Belyakov Mihail 5 years
  2. Goland Nikita 7 years
  3. Shteinberg Ari 5 years

30 kg. (66 lb)

  1. Gorodetsky Artur 9 years
  2. Ossipov Alexandr 9 years
  3. Saliev Elijah 7 years

35 kg. (77 lb)

  1. Lempert Alex 10 years
  2. Tulenov Milan 7 years

40 kg. (88.5 lb)

  1. Gelfand Samuel 9 years
  2. Ashurov Leo 7 years
  3. Ionin Daniel 8 years

Over 40 kg. (88.5 lb)

  1. Shteinberg Mattew  12 years

2. Zinkovetskiy Allan 12 year

3. Move Michael 10 years

For more information and photos of the event go to 1st Annual Sumo event page. If your child is enrolled in any of our MatchPoint NYC programs we will discount your new annual (gold or silver) gym membership by 25% , ask our Membership advisor for details. Stop by and FIND YOUR GAME!

Our December 4th Sumo Tournament was a success!