Coney Island receives massive family sports center, MatchPoint NYC

April 24, 2014

Coney Island’s expansion and revival continues. On Friday March 14, the historic Brooklyn neighborhood officially welcomed its new massive, state of the art sports complex, MatchPoint NYC, a 120,000-square-foot luxury sports facility that caters to children and adults alike.

“We have built our dream complex where families from all over Brooklyn can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and spend quality time in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere,” said owner Dimitry Druzhinsky. The facility cost $20 million to build.

The center has the largest indoor tennis center of its kind in the borough, including nine courts.  The sport’s program accommodates all ages. The Junior Program is led by both well- known and credible talent. It is headed by Director of Tennis programs, Numrud Nino Muhatasov, who coached Top 20 WTA players. Australian Open doubles champions Alyona and Katerina Bondarenko are also involved in the program.

“Our tennis program was developed with each individual student in mind. We set specific goals and develop tailored programs for each of our young players and help them reach their goals to become the best tennis player they could be,” said Muhatasov.

The facility also touts an aquatic center with a junior Olympic sized pool that remains open the entire year. Classes are also available for all ages, including babies, as well as those who suffer from arthritis.

Former 1988 Olympic Bronze medalist Konstantin Petrov is head of swim programs. “Our members can practice their technique, develop cardiovascular and muscle endurance, relieve stress and participate in a range of programs all under competent supervision of our certified instructors,” said Petrov.

The fitness center is said to house top notch exercise equipment that will accommodate activities such as cycling, cardio workout, yoga, Pilates and more. “Our innovative program design and impeccable customer service sets us apart from any fitness center in Brooklyn,” said Jason Daniels, health club director.

Rhythmic gymnastics programs are also being offered. “We teach our gymnastic students discipline, work ethic and love for the sport,” said Lucy Kerznerman, rhythmic gymnastics director.

Construction on the three-acre facility began June of last year after several delays. Brooklyn developer Sergey Rybak led the building of the project, along with Druzhinsky and Moukhatasov.

MatchPoint NYC is located at 2781 Shell Road. For information on discounts, becoming a member or various events, visit or


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Coney Island receives massive family sports center, MatchPoint NYC