8 steps to a eating healthy

October 2, 2015

Better health is the white unicorn we are all trying to find. Our goals are different… some may look to shape up, others crave weight loss, health improvement or just to feel better. Nutrition is where it all starts!
What comes first nutrition or exercise? Is it true that life is 20% training and 80% diet? If you train really hard can you eat what you want? Just eat right and the rest will fall into place.
Why choose when you can just live a healthy lifestyle. Here is the check list:

1)Don’t skip breakfast! Drink it or eat, but don’t skip it….A good fruit smoothie with protein can hold you over all morning and keep your energy high.

2) Mom said to always eat your veggies! You know mom is always right, add as much plant based products as you can. Your Body will thank you for it, fiber and nutrients are our friends.

3) Eat the rainbow! Eat what’s in season. They are filling and will help you cut back on unhealthy foods!

4) Choose the right snacks! Make sure your fridge or office desk is stocked with an emergency stash of snacks, like fruits, dry fruits, nuts, Greek yogurt, etc.

5) Store and prepare! Studies show that spending more time on food prep is linked to better eating habits. It’s all about convenience, if they’re ready for you, you’ll grab them in a pinch.

6) Forget Calorie Counting! Ditch the habit and focus on what’s good for you.

7) Water, Water, Water! Don’t forget about fluids! Hydration prevents hunger and will improve your fitness performance. (Morning Coffee doesn’t count)

8) Balance is the mother of good health! Just eat right and all will fall into place.

Written by Kristina K.

8 steps to a eating healthy