8 Myths about Swimming

September 29, 2017

Swimming is a fitness activity that is widely recognized for its health benefits by millions. Exercising in the water, whether in the form of swimming or water aerobics, is excellent physical training for everyone, including kids and elderly citizens, men and women. However, like with most things, swimming also has its share of associated myths and misconceptions that prevent many from really experiencing the sport. Here we will tackle 8 ongoing myths about swimming.

1. Swimming is Challenging So It Must Be Complicated

Since it’s pretty rare, we believe that to achieve success at the highest levels, one must go through extraordinarily complex situations. We think that that to be a good swimmer, we should have some miracle tricks up our sleeve, some insane practice routines, and an intense fitness level. For this reason, we are easily lured into the promises made by limit-busting supplements and gear, and we start overlooking things that really matter.

2. The Art Of Better Swimming Comes Naturally, It Can’t Be Acquired

Seeing someone who doesn’t take swimming all that seriously, but still manages to kill it can be really disheartening and frustrating. But keep in mind that the best swimmers out there are not dependent on luck, or their ‘natural’ talent or being in the right place at the right time, they simply grab the abilities and talent that they acquired and make the most out of them.

3. Hard work is always the answer

For fast swimming, you don’t need to be a hard worker, but a careful and smart worker. If you aim to be a better swimmer, what you need is technique, not a whole bunch of time. A good swimming coach is essential if you want to really succeed at swimming. MatchPoint NYC is a great place to start where you can find an array of swimming classes and programs with qualified and experienced swimming coaches for kids, youngsters and adults.

4. You Cannot Afford to make Mistakes

If you take up swimming with the aim of making no mistakes, you might actually end up hurting your performance. Failing and making mistakes once in a while are important for your growth as a skilled swimmer.

5. Good Planning Equals Successful Swimming

Even though proper planning is critical when it comes to achieving any goals, keep in mind that swimming is a journey that calls for fluidity. If you draft your goals and become rigid about them, you will not be able to grow, both in the pool and in real life.

6. It Doesn’t Matter Who We Surround Ourselves With

The swimmers around can greatly impact your will to succeed and your skill level, which is why it is important to be in company of driven and determined individuals. A swimming coach is someone who can keep you focused and motivated, and make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

8 Myths about Swimming