5 Reasons to Encourage Your Kids to Take Up Tennis

September 22, 2017

Tennis is among the most popular sports in the world. We are blessed to be living in a generation where some of the best players in history are showing their prowess and skills. Hence, now is the perfect time to encourage your kids to take up tennis. The root cause of a majority of common health problems today is the sedentary lifestyle we lead. Therefore, you have to encourage your kid to get physically active. Well, if you have to do so, you might as well push your kids to take up tennis. Here are 5 reasons why:

1.    Better Adjusted

Kids who play tennis are better adjusted than kids who don’t. Children who take up tennis from a young age have high self-esteem and also tend to be optimistic. Plus, they are less likely to get angry and confused.

2.    Academic Prowess

Young kids who play tennis show greater academic performance. On average, close to 50% of kids who take up tennis receive an average grade of A, which is nearly double of the number of non-athlete kids. The percentage is high for kids who participate in contact sports as well, but tennis is undoubtedly a safer option.

3.    Rounded Personality

Tennis, as compared to sports such as skiing and golf, has a more positive impact on a kid’s personality. Kids who play tennis are more sociable and spontaneous. They are less likely to be intimated by social situations. Moreover, playing regularly helps boost their focus and attention span.

4.    Better Health

As you might know, tennis offers a number of health benefits of kids. Their bones and muscles get stronger and tougher when they play. Their brain also develops at a faster rate than non-athletic kids, as their mind is constantly engaged. More importantly, playing tennis is great for their cardiovascular health as well.

5.    Life Lessons

Tennis mirrors life in many ways. Your kid will pick up a number of life lessons as he/she gets better at the sport. To excel at tennis, kids need to have a great work ethic. They also need to be disciplined and follow a strict routine. This bodes well for their professional and personal life. Kids who are disciplined from a young age tend to be healthier and happier.

These are just 5 of the reasons why you should encourage your kids to take up tennis. We have discounted the fact that your little one could be the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams, in which case you should not hesitate a second and get him/her the best tennis coaching available.

5 Reasons to Encourage Your Kids to Take Up Tennis