January Newsletter

January 1, 2016

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Membership and Personal Training Special: Keep your New Year’s resolutions all year long!  Purchase a Gold or Silver membership and receive 1 Personal Training Session per Month FREE for 12 month (Value $1,020) with $0 Initiation Fee and a Free Gift (Value $100).

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Swimming: We offer classes for Mommy and Me (3-5 y/o), Learn to Swim (6-14 y/o), Elite Swim League (11-17 y/o), Competitive Swim Team, Adult Learn to Swim classes and Private Lessons. Free trial introductory classes are held on Saturdays between 9-9:30am and Wednesdays between 7-7:30pm.

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Tennis: Session 2 begins January 25th, registration is open! Sign up for tennis lessons today and FIND YOUR GAME!

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Rhythmic Gymnastics: Our December 5th Winter Exhibition was a success! Thank you to all our wonderful kids who worked so hard, their amazing parents and the coaching staff. MatchPoint NYC will hold our first Invitational January 15-18, for more information and if you would like to watch the competition please visit our website and click on special events.

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MMA & Sambo by David Rudman: 

MatchPoint NYC will hold a new weekend self-defense class for women. More information will be announced on our social media and the website soon!

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Cafe: Stop by the Cafe to order a juice after your workout and feel good all day.

January Newsletter