Super Fat Burner Work-Out

Phew! I’m still stuffed from yesterday… I don’t know about you but, I ate like I was about to hibernate. Happy Belated Labor Day Folks! The aftermath is never pretty.


We all probably disobeyed our diets yesterday and ate a “little” too much. Usually, I’d say shame on you but, not today (probably because I did too).

Mainly because I have a Super Fat Burner Work-out ready to burn all those calories we so joyfully indulged in yesterday. Now before you find something else to eat let’s get to the workout… grab a towel (you’ll need it)!

The Super Fat Burner Work-Out Uncovered:

Exercise 1: High Knees Jump Rope          Duration: 1 minute


Let’s get the heart beat up with a minute of jump rope. To get some added fat burn incorporate high knees into your jump rope routine. If you don’t have a jump rope, do high knees for a minute with your arms out and rotating as if with a jump rope.

Exercise 2: Push-ups          Reps: 15


Now that our heart is racing, let’s burn some fat and build some muscle. Starting in raised arm plank position, bend your elbows till a 90 degree angle is reached and repeat for 10-15 reps. Ladies: If you can’t do a full-body push-up for 10 reps, try to do as many as you can and finish the rest of the reps in knee push-ups.

Exercise 3: Plank with Knee-Ins          Reps: 10


Staying in raised arm plank position (no rest!) jump both feet in and out for 10 reps. This will keep your heart racing and burn a bunch of lower belly fat. Your arms will be getting sore now but you must keep going!

Exercise 4: Crab Walk with Reach          Reps: 20


This is a fun one. Get into table-top or “crab walk” position: How? Okay, sit on your bum with your knees bent in front of you with your arms supporting you from behind. Raise your stomach towards the sky and voila!

Now that you’ve got the position down, it’s time to perform the exercise. Raise an alternating arm and knee and reach them towards each other just like in the picture. Repeat this motion as you alternate sides for 20 reps as quickly as possible!

Exercise 5: Pencil Squats          Reps: 15-20


Your upper body must be sore! Let’s switch off to the lower body. The pencil squat is a modified form of the jump squat. Better yet, it’s a combination of the jump squat with jumping jack. Start with your arms up and legs together (like a pencil). Jump out and sit in a wide squat (just like in the image above). Continue for 15-20 reps as fast as you can! Keep that heart rate up!

Repeat the Circuit          Sets: 3-4


You’re probably sweating by now. Good. But, are you exhausted? Didn’t think so. That means we can still go for another 3-4 sets! Yaaaas! Repeat the whole circuit (including jump rope) 3 (preferably 4) times. Make sure to minimize the amount of time you rest between each exercise and set. Good luck!

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