Bloating & How to Stop It


What is it?


It’s when I can’t wear anything cute because I look like a whale…


Or otherwise known as: swelling of the abdominal region due to water and/or gas retention. 

What causes bloating?

Fiber. As great as fiber is for us, it is very difficult for our stomachs to digest. Some of the foods most likely to cause bloating are also some of the healthiest like: apples, kale and broccoli. Salty foods are also known to cause bloating.


You’re probably weighing the options now: “Is healthy really worth the bloat?”  Let me stop you right there… first off: having a flat belly all day is not normal! And second: there are foods that can reduce and prevent bloating… What a relief!

What prevents and/or reduces bloating?

You have some options to choose from: Potassium, Prebiotics, Probiotics, and More


They sound great don’t they? Yeah… not really. Let me try to simplify it a little. Below you’ll find some of the foods most rich in each category of bloat busters.


Potassium: Banana, Avocado, Kiwi, Pistachio & Oranges


Pre- & Pro-biotics: Asparagus & Yogurt


More: Papaya -It contains an enzyme Papain that breaks down proteins making it easier for your body to digest bloat causing foods.


Cucumber– Cucumber contains Quercetin. Quercetin reduces swelling (which is what bloating fundamentally is).


Ginger– It’s a a natural anti-inflammatory option that is also great at soothing and relaxing the muscles to relieve bloating.

Bloating be gone! These healthy options are worth a shot before before resorting to any other drastic measures.

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